Quality & Robotics

“Our quality is about process control. Process gives you quality. If it’s repeatable, we know there won’t be quality issues later. The best way to fix a problem is to prevent it. That’s why we check our products at every step, preventing costly errors.” -Mike Stein, Owner and Founder

Stable, Repeatable Processes

At MPS, we are process experts. Using LEAN manufacturing principles, we live by a measure twice, cut once philosophy. Because we work diligently to develop stable and repeatable processes, our results are predictable and consistent, preventing the time, cost, and scrap associated with errors. We pass those savings onto our customers who can be confident in the highest quality product every time.

Quality Checks at Every Step


MPS uses only the highest-quality American made materials. All materials are inspected upon arrival to ensure they meet strict quality and performance specifications. Using a color-coded tag system for material quality, our products are completely traceable from raw material to finished product.



MPS operators perform quality checks at each heat of production. This multi-layered quality approach is a highly effective method for preventing errors and identifying and addressing concerns quickly and efficiently.



Our superior quality results from stringent process control using robotic technology for the highest level of precision. MPS’s advanced technology makes our assembly processes more reliable and efficient than manual assembly offered by other manufacturers.



Our quality checks continue throughout a product’s entire time in our facilities, including bagging, boxing, tagging, and shipping. Products do not leave MPS without our stamp of approval. We keep thorough records on all products that leave our facility and can trace products back to their raw material.

MPS also offers dropshipping services with this superior level of quality control. Customers can be confident that MPS delivers the highest-quality solutions every time.


Robotic Technology

MPS combines the expertise of experienced operators with advanced robotic technology for a highly skilled and efficient operation. Our specialized robotic technology enhances the work of our operators, completing repetitive and awkward movements with greater precision. This unique capability allows us to create stable processes with highly reliable and repeatable results. With in-house tooling and equipment building capabilities, we are able to customize our robotic technology to meet our customers’ specific needs.

The accuracy of robotic technology also means our assembly processes result in virtually no scrap. Combined with efficiency, stability in process, and precision that prevents errors, our investment in technology results in cost savings for our customers. We partner with our customers to offer the best possible custom solutions, and we have scalability, unique advantages that other manufacturers cannot offer.

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